Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY Fails: Been there, done that

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Top Reasons DIY's Fail
 And how to be smart about them
  1. Ingredients are impossible or difficult to find
  2. The method is hard to follow for the average person
  3. It simply does not work for everyone (and you are that someone)
  4. No one has actually tried it; just re-posted it everywhere and it doesn't work, period.
  5. It is more expensive to make than to buy and not as effective
  6. It is extremely time consuming; not worth the effort
  7. It causes allergies or break-outs on skin
  8. It ruins something; furniture, carpet, you name it
  9. Directions are unclear and/or pictures inadequate
  10. The DIY'er failed to follow directions
All of these have happened to me at one point or another when trying some type of DIY project, be it beauty, home, or health. So why is the public obsessed with DIY'ing? Why do I have this website? Why do I and others continue to DIY when there are so many FAILS? 
The reason is simple. When it goes well, it is so worth it. When you do a lot of them, like me, it is amazing, fun, and saves me money among other things.
Also, people like to DIY. They like feeling of being industrious and clever. 
Of course, the fails are frustrating. But, don't stop trying! Just be cautious. Below are some cautions on DIY experimenting.
  1. Don't jump into the deep end. Try one DIY at a time. 
  2. Do buy supplies as needed at first. Example: You like beauty DIY but instead of buying everything at your health store all at once, invest in an item or two at a time. 
  3. For beauty DIY, go easy on your skin. Test items with unfamiliar ingredients on less sensitive parts of your skin first before you slather things all over your face
  4. Price things out for cost-effectiveness before you buy. 
  5. Search for fails online for the DIY you want to try and then be objective about what you read
What are your funniest or worst DIY fails yet?
Leave them in the comments below!  


  1. I made the mistake once of trying to tint my own lip gloss so it would match my eyeshadow. (By using cheap runny clear lipgloss as a base) It feathered and ran all over my mouth, and stained every bit of skin it touched. Using mineral eyeshadow to tint nail polish or lip gloss is awesome, but don't skimp lol.... Lesson learned.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Agreed on not skimping. I have some great Sephora lipgloss I have thought about using for something like that. We'll see. Lately, I've been on the lip balm thing instead.