Friday, September 27, 2013

DIY Blogs I Like to Read

My Favorite DIY Blogs
It is a DIY paradise

DIY blogs and websites are popping up everywhere on the internet these days. How do you know which ones to read? Which ones to follow or comment on?

Here are the ones I like to read and follow. I frequently link to them and I read them regularly.

 1. One of my all time favorite websites is One Good Thing by Jillee. This page will take you to her newest post on apple cider vinegar. I use ACV for a lot, like my hair rinse/conditioner. This blog post taught me quite a bit. Check out more of her site like the recipe and the craft sections!

 2. My second favorite is Little Ms Robinson: DIY for heart and home. This site is where I got the recipe for my all purpose spray cleaner. I use this magic stuff everywhere. She has 5 homemade cleaners on this page, complete with printable labels! She has great information, but I have noticed no updates since April of this year. I do hope she updates soon!

 3. Next up is Budget 101. I've got your link set to open up to one of my favorite pages on this site. One of my main goals for me and you, my readers, is to save money. This page will help you to do just that by making mixes you'll use for cooking. Everything from cocoa mix to the, now popular baking in a cup mixes. Browse around her site and make sure and bookmark it or better yet subscribe.

4. My merry messy life is a great site with wonderful and useful ideas. Read this page on room freshener. Not only does it have a great recipe, but it is quite enlightening. 

5. Check out Delighted Momma for so much information, you could read all day. Her cocoa mask is heavenly.

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