Sunday, September 8, 2013

Household Tips & Tricks

10 Household Tips & Tricks

1. Make a matchstick holder with a handy strike top

2. Unclog a shower head with white vinegar

3. Keep your brown sugar soft and fresh with a couple marshmallows or a slice of bread

4. Use leftover wine to make cubes for cooking or to chill your next glass of vino
(After frozen, store cubes in a freezer baggie)

5. Use an apple slicer to easily cut up potatoes for french fries

6. Put an apple in your potato bag or container and it won't bud

7. Coffee filters have sooo many uses! Check them out!
(They also have uses for those dryer sheets you won't be needing anymore)

8. Use white toothpaste in place of caulk for small holes. Many other uses too!

9. Clean your microwave, fast and easy with no chemicals

10. Magic grease-cleaning solution

Hope you liked these tips and tricks! Please take the time to browse around these websites for more ideas for keeping your home clean with less chemicals for less money.

What's your favorite tip? Do you have any of your own?

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