Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Beauty DIY Haul

Supplies I Purchased Today (long overdue)

1. Witch Hazel

2. Beeswax

3. Pure organic coconut oil (mine was not organic and I could definitely tell the difference)

4. Shea Butter

5. Jojoba Oil

6. Lemon Pure Essential Oil

7. Grapefruit Pure Essential Oil

I purchased all but the witch hazel from my local health food store. However, I've found a good source for essential oils and other products that will be so much less money and a great investment. Check them out!

What am I going to make with these goodies? Soooo many things!

Lip balm

Body butter


Laundry products

Body spray

This is just the first things I'll make that I can think of...stay tuned!


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