Monday, September 2, 2013

Scented Body Oil

Make Your Own Scented Body Oil

What you will need:

Coconut oil (preferably pure organic)
Small squeezable bottle 
Essential oil(s) of your choice
Small funnel with neck slightly smaller than your bottle top

What you will do:

This recipe is super duper simple. Take a few tablespoons of the coconut oil and heat it for just a couple minutes in a double boiler or place in a glass measuring cup in a pan of hot water on medium for a few minutes. The point is you want the coconut oil to be liquified. You could microwave it for about 10 seconds, but I'd stick with the other method.

Remove from the heat and add your oil(s) to the mixture (just as many drops as you like until you get the desired scent intensity. When ready to use your oil, just squeeze out a little and apply liberally wherever you like.

Some people make this using another oil with the coconut oil such as jojoba oil or something similar. You could do this, but it really isn't necessary. The coconut oil is great by itself as a skin conditioner. Great oils to use? I like orange, grapefruit, lavender, and I could go on and on. 

Also, if you really want to use different scents from time to time, here's an even simpler method. As you can see in the picture, I have placed a few spoonfuls of coconut oil in a covered container, which I keep in my bathroom.  Whenever I choose to get really well conditioned and smell great as well, I scoop a small amount of the oil into my hand and put a couple drops of whatever oil I'm feeling like on top. It mixes right away with my finger tip. Then, I apply as stated above. This way I don't have to make up so many bottles with different scents. 

If you are often short on time and who isn't, then by all means make a few bottles with different oils and keep them in your bathroom or bedroom.  I am thinking of doing this with lavender for bedtime relaxation, peppermint for revitalizing me in the morning, etc. Another tip is to reuse small plastic bottles you would ordinarily discard. My example above is a dish soap bottle well washed out. Makes a great lotion/oil bottle and you are helping the environment!

You can find a great online source for essential oil for fantastic prices here or in just about any local health food store. You can buy the coconut oil in the grocery store or any health food store. It will last literally years after opening. No worries necessary about mixing it and it going rancid.

Hope you enjoy this recipe. Leave your comments below if you have any questions.


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