Thursday, September 26, 2013

Brush and Whiten in One Step

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It is so easy to make your own toothpaste with whiteners!

Get the pearly white smile you really want! The DIY way!

What you'll need:

Coconut oil (organic is best) 3 tbsp
Baking soda 3 tbsp
Peppermint essential oil (or any oil you like, *try cinnamon*) 25 drops
Vegetable glycerin 2 tsp
Hydrogen peroxide 1tsp

What you'll do:

This one is super easy. Add your baking soda to your coconut oil and mash into a paste. Add the glycerin and peroxide and mix well. Add your essential oil. You are done. Store in a covered container in your bathroom.


The original recipe for this toothpaste I found here.

I adapted it because I didn't like the Stevia and I wanted to add the extra power of peroxide. I love this toothpaste. My teeth have never been this white.

Check out her site though, because if you love DIY, you'll really love it.

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