Saturday, September 21, 2013

Make Your Own Scented Lip balm

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Make it fruity, or minty, or whatever you like!

It's up to you!
What you'll need:

Organic raw honey 3 tsp
Organic Coconut oil 3 tbsp
Shea butter 3 tsp
Essential oils (if desired)

What you'll do:

In a double boiler or a bowl on top of a small saucepan, heat your ingredients until liquified, except for essential oil(s). 
You'll notice the honey will settle a bit at the bottom; that is perfectly okay. Take the liquified ingredients in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. It will get semi-solid. Take your hand mixer and use until fluffy. Add essential oils and spoon into container(s).


This mixture smells divine and sweet without any essential oils. If, however, you add them do this: add a few drops and stir each time, adding more as you go until you achieve the scent desired. Organic honey is powerful smelling so you may need to add several drops.

I used different oils since I was making the balm for different people. If you do this, you can add your oils after you separate the mixture for your different containers.

This balm feels great on your lips and tastes good too. Its not sticky and lasts a good while. 

You could also pour it into tubes if you have empty ones. I plan to experiment with this later.

If you don't need as much lip balm, cut the recipe in thirds to make one small container or tube.


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