Monday, September 23, 2013

Introducing Monday Mini's

Monday  Mini's
Little Tips to Start Your Week

Today I'm starting a new segment to start off your week (and mine) on a positive note! It's called Monday Mini's. Every Monday, I will post 5-10 quick tips for home or beauty. These will be things you can do yourself in just a few minutes to make your Monday better. Enjoy! 

 Mini #1

I found the cutest little teenager (girl?) on Pinterest and followed her over to YouTube. I had heard about the Kool-aid lip stain trend and was searching on that when I discovered this video. She explains how to make both a liquid stain and a balm. I'm not a fan of the balm, only because I don't like using Vaseline. But, the stain is so fast and easy! And I'm in love with it.

Basically, you mix Kool-aid (I used cherry) and water until the sugar crystals dissolve. I put mine in a little jar and just keep it on my make-up table. I put it on with a cotton swab and wow! I have tinted lips for quite a while. It tastes good too, although avoid licking because it will dry your lips out! **it really would be best to exfoliate your lips first because it shows up darker on chapped areas. See how here.**

Mini #2
Although I make most of my cosmetics myself, eye make-up is one thing I do splurge on. I especially like Sephora eyeliners in the fat stick. They are amazing. Anyway, I use bright colors most often. I found a way to make those bright colors pop! I have one of those sticks in white. If you color your whole lid in white, and let it set, it will make those bright colors really stand out! Check out this and many other tips here.

Mini #3
Beets? Yup! For a little natural color on your cheeks, cut a raw beet and rub it's juices on your cheeks. It will give you a rosy glow the DIY and natural way. *works on lips too*

Mini #4

Pour a beer over your hair after your normal poo and rinse routine. Both hops and yeast are great for adding volume and shine. An added bonus; the acidic content of beer will help remove product build-up!

Mini #5
Blenders are not just for smoothies and margaritas ( although that is a great idea). Mix up some home concoctions for beauty! Watch for recipes here or search Pinterest! 

Mini #6
Use this silverware tray as a jewelry organizer after hanging on the wall. Check out pics and more great ideas here

Mini #7
Got this idea on Pinterest but no directions. Right in time for Halloween, some brown make-up with a bit of a C-curve with eyeliner and you will be looking all leopard. Might do this one myself!

Mini #8
Three body refreshers; hair, face, and feet! Easy to make and wonderful to use.

Mini #9

Need Christmas gifts (or any gift for that matter)? Try mixes in mason jars (or up-cycle some other food jars). Find loads of recipes online. I found a fantastic website that does just that.

Mini #10
Halloween party this year!? Oh yes, pumpkin DIY decorations!

Have fun DIY'ing!

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