Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Container Repurposing Series: Part III

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My Favorite Repurposed Containers

A little here, a little there

Liquid Creamer Containers
These babies could be used for any number of things around the home. Here are just a few: drink bottles, cereal or snack keeper for your kiddos, homemade salad dressing, baking needs that you don't want to keep in bags like baking chips or chopped nuts, make-shift bowling pins (fill w/sand or rice) and many more here. Here is a great birthday idea! Any other great ideas for these flip-top sturdy containers? Leave it in the comments below!

Spice Jars
Use these  handy containers for all sorts of crafty items like beads, sequins, glitter (especially good with the shake-top lids), embroidery floss, etc. Small items belonging to your children like crayons, marbles, jacks. Re-use for your own dried spices. Keep one with baking soda in your bathroom to clean, brush teeth with, deodorize. Any others?

 Salad Dressing Bottles (with and without squeeze top)
For bottles with a squeeze top: fill with pancake mix and make pancake time so much easier, fill with vinegar after buying in the economy size bottles
For bottles w/or w/o: remove cap and use for a small vase 
What can you think of?

Small Glass Jars
You might have seen people uses baby food jars for magnetic spice jars, hanging planters, etc. Well, you can do the same thing with these minced garlic jars (and others). Use them to hold screws or nails in the garage. Paint them and store crafty items in them. Decorate with Washi tape and use them for homemade cosmetics. 

Other squeeze-top bottles

Examples of these are mustard, ketchup, dressings, syrup, jelly, and the list goes on. You can re-purpose these for your own homemade versions or use them for sour cream or vinegar. Use them for squeezing icing on a bundt cake. How about powdered sugar? Is your mind reeling yet?

Cocoa Containers, etc.
So many food items come packaged this way! Strip the label off and use for toys, crafts, sewing, other food items that are packaged in bags or unsealable boxes (rice, chocolate chips, potato flakes).
Here is an easy and chemical free way to remove labels from glass or plastic...peanut butter! And, it is finger lickin good!
Please leave your comments below for ways you repurpose or upcycle!

See parts I and II for more great ideas!

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