Saturday, September 14, 2013

Container Repurposing: Series Part I

My Favorite Re-purposed Containers
For Beauty DIY's

Contact Lens Cases
Although this case above wasn't used for a beauty use, you get the idea. You could used this case for DIY lip gloss, balm, eye cream, cuticle cream, vitamins, eye color, and  the list could go on forever. *we'll revisit this again for household use*

These cute little cases are everywhere these days. They give contact lens wearers some options for storage that functional and pretty. You may have one or more lying around that you don't use, or you might just pick one up to use for a DIY purpose. Some uses? At right, a travel manicure kit has been fashioned out of a glasses case. The same could be done with a contact lens case except on a smaller scale. 

Gum and Mint Containers

Altoids tins are amazing for so many uses. Here they have been reused for lip and skin balm. They would be great for any time of DIY make-up; balms, eyeshadow, solid perfumes, etc. Fabulous!

Old Pill Bottles

Clean out old pill bottles and use for a multitude of 
things, DIY beauty and household as well.  

Your Own Empty Make-up Containers

 Clean out your make-up bag, box, whatever. How many empty or close to empty containers do you have? How could you re-use those in your DIY beauty endeavors? Now, your mind is reeling with the possibilities! No? Well, send them to me! 

I'll use them for you! :)

Parmesan Cheese Containers
<----This becomes ---->

Think of this for your baking soda, your DIY bath salts, DIY foot powder, the list is endless!


Getting off the labels is not an all day project if you know how. For actual paper labels, soak it in Dawn (My favorite Dishwashing liquid of all time) for about 30 minutes. It should peel right off. If it is printed right on the container, use Acetone...pure acetone, not just regular polish remover. It will be much quicker. That being said; some inks are stubborn so patience may be key. Make sure to rinse very well. If you have a dishwasher, run it through.

Stay tuned for Part II of this series as we look at repurposing containers for general use!
What are some of your favorites? Leave your comments below! 

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